As a small business knowing what your costs are up front can make a significant difference. 

The ‘Flat Rate Bookkeeping Plan’ is great for small businesses that have a small amount of monthly financial activity and do not need help with managing accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

Also called, “after-the-fact” bookkeeping. Our Basic Package will give you the tools and information you’ll need to evaluate your financial performance at the end of the month and make end of the year tax preparation a breeze.

Starting at $200/month



Feel like the paperwork of your business is holding you back? A good bookkeeper may be exactly what you need to get your work on track and running efficiently. 

Insight Bookkeeping offers bookkeeping services by QuickBooks Pro-Advisors at a fraction of the price! 

Our passion is numbers and we are dedicated to offering you a first class service, at a price that is affordable for small business owners.  


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