What We Do

First question – what’s the current state of your books? No matter what your experience with bookkeeping has been in the past, we’re focused on meeting you where you’re at and making a concrete path forward.


The books and our bookkeeping processes are in great shape.


Maybe you have had a great bookkeeper and they are retiring or moving on. Or it’s time to build on the solid foundation they have in place because you need more assistance. Let’s talk about transitioning to Insight Bookkeeping to carry on the good foundation we have in place and improve on processes, efficiency and scalability as we work together. We can talk about helping with invoicing your clients, improving your time tracking systems and how they integrate into payroll and invoicing processes, look at bill pay, payroll, and reporting.


The books need catch-up/clean-up work.


Is your bookkeeping a few months behind (or more), and in need of catch-up/clean-up work? We'll start with the discovery process, outline what needs to happen and work to bring your books up-to-speed.  If you think or know there’s clean-up that needs to occur and feel that your processes could be improved upon, we can help! 


We’re a startup or new business and need to get books in place.


Let’s set up a bookkeeping system (QuickBooks) and identify what other needs we might be able to help with: payroll, bill pay, client invoicing, filing state taxes, custom reporting, cashflow forecasting, etc.  After setup, Insight Bookkeeping can provide support with ongoing bookkeeping.


We’re an established business and haven’t done much, if any bookkeeping.


If your business has yet to set up a bookkeeping system, Insight Bookkeeping can help enter historical transactions and get the books caught-up, then move forward with ongoing bookkeeping. 








As a small business knowing what your costs are upfront can make a significant difference. The ‘Flat Rate Bookkeeping Plan’ is great for small businesses that have a small amount of monthly financial activity and do not need catch-up/clean-up help. Also called “after-the-fact” bookkeeping. This package will give you the tools and information you’ll need to evaluate your financial performance at month-end and make year-end tax preparations a breeze. Our pricing is dependent on the services provided, value provided, complexity, volume, timing, and other factors. 



Feel like the paperwork of your business is holding you back? A good bookkeeper may be exactly what you need to get your work on track and running efficiently. Our passion is numbers and we are dedicated to offering you a first-class service, at a price that is affordable for small business owners. We’d love to talk to you about your specific needs and provide you with upfront hourly pricing for our services.